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The Ciné-Concert Project was founded by Stephen Horenstein and Lior Navok, with production by the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music.  The live-film score repertoire, created from 2010 to 2017, includes Nosferatu (1922, Dir. F. W. Murnau), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (1920, Dir. John S. Robertson); Der Golem (1920, Dir. Paul Wegener) and The Lodger (1927, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock).


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NOW a NEW RELEASE, January 2017!

“The Eb Lydian Augmented Project” Kadima Recordings

A year-long collaboration between Jean Claude Jones (contrabass) and Stephen Horenstein (baritone Saxophone) finally comes to fruition with this forthcoming release.  Two play as an orchestra, exploring a special Japanese bass tuning and array of baritone multiphonics, creating a surprising unity between the two instruments.  The release includes an extended audio CD as well as a DVD of excerpts and narrations.

Temp Duo

Temp Duo


The Eb Lydian Augmented Project, Steve Horenstein/JC Jones

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Purchase at and CD Baby.

Five tracks of two players like an orchestra.  This extended collaborative composition by Jones and Horenstein was one year in the making.  It explores the many hidden timbres of these two instruments (contra bass and baritone saxophone), built from a traditional Japanese bass tuning which naturally produces the “parent scale” (Eb Lydian Augmented) which re-occurs throughout the piece.

“2015 CD Release–“Chimera”, JICM Recordings, Jerusalem

Now available!  at CD Baby and I Tunes“Chimera”, Butterfly Effect Ensemble

Stephen Horenstein, woodwinds; Jeffery Kowalsky, percussion, Lior Navok, piano  (digital download)

“Experimental acoustic music which weaves a journey through many states of mind, using unusual sounds and instrumental colors. The ensemble plays over seventy-five instruments (traditional, modern ancient and ethnic), to create their original style.”

Chimera Cover

Cine -Concert Project

We breath new life into into classic silent films.

The Butterfly Effect Ensemble.  Stephen Horenstein, winds and live electronics; Jeffery Kowalksy, percussion; Lior Navok, piano.

To see more please visit the ensemble’s site,

Our latest creation, a new score to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) with John Barrymore, premiered in the  Festival D’Ile de France, 2013.

Festival D'Ile de FranceDr-Jekyll

Festival D’Ile de France