Selected Works 

  * Asterisk indicates works with parts available from the composer, for rental and performance

** Asterisks indicate co-composed works, available for hire as performances

2021 Speaking Between the Walls, collection of composed and collaborative works for two tenor saxophones, feature Eyal Netzer and the composer.  Creative Sources Recordings, Portugal.

*2020 “Sounds of Siday: Side A / Side B”, World Premiere in Israel Festival, Henry Crown Auditorium, Jerusalem( September 9, 2020), An evening length orchestral work for 23 players, combining the Castle in Time and Lab Orchestras, stage mapping, and live video projections. Celebrating the life and work of Eric Siday, a 20th c musical pioneer who brought electronic music to a wide audience through television and radio.  Side A: composed conducted by Matan Daskal; Side B: composed and conducted by Stephen Horenstein.

2019 “Magrepha” (for 100 Saxophones), Premiere December 23, 2019, International YMCA Auditorium, Jerusalem. Players from age 10-85!*

“Route 66” for 10 players (trumpet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone, baritone saxophone/bass clarinet, piano, contrabass, drums/percussion).  Premiere, June 19, 2019, Yellow Submarine, Jerusalem.*

One as Many, for Solo Bass Clarinet, electronics and objects, premiere May, 2019 at Almacén Gallery and Cultural Center, Yafo.*

2018  Portals (Quintet No.2) for the Tel Aviv Wind Quintet, commissioned by Festival Chaillol, France; premier August 2, 2018.*

Tabula Rasa, for the Lab Orchestra (14 players), produced by the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music, Yellow Submarine, June 20, 2018.

Collaboration with French artist Pascal Colrat (music for a journey of images).    Pleine Lune100 Rêveries  Illustrées  published by Riveneuve Editions, Paris).

2017 Night/Day/Night for small orchestra, premiered at ArtShare, LA, as part of the composer’s Artist-in-Residency at California Institute of the Arts, February-March 2017.*

2016 Madras Express, for Lab Sextet, premiered in the Hampi Ustav Festival and Delhi   International Arts Festival, India, performed by the Lab Sextet.*

           Circus #1, an oratorio of sorts for electronics and multi-channel speakers.

          The Lodger, new music for A. Hitchcock’s classic silent film, a collaboration with Lior Navok, for keyboards, winds, percussion and live electronics.

2015  From Heavens to Earth, site specific work, for Sisters of Sion Convent and Gardens,

Ein Kerem, Jerusalem;  For 7 players in 3 meditative spaces—Commissioned by Kivunim

          Night Pieces, for Lab Orchestra (12 players)

2014  Sonombule, for electroacoustic surround sound, Festival of New Electronic Music;

Curator: Prof. Amnon Wolman, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

          Motion Studies, for Piano Solo*

          Evanescence,  for Sextet*, composed for the Meitar Ensemble with Tremelo Percussion

Conducted by Yuval Zorn (Chag Ha Musica Israelit); Prime Ministers Prize for Composers.

         Eb Lydian Augmented Project, double bass,bari saxophone; collaboration w. JC Jones**

         Touchings, for Bb Trumpet, piano and keyboard electronics

         Movable Forms, for 12 players, composed for the Lab Orchestra, Jerusalem Academy*

         Before the Tribe, for multiple woodwind soloist and live electronics

2013  Chimera,  for Butterfly Effect Ensemble, co-composed w. Lior Navok; with Jeffery Kowalsky

         Breaking the Walls-Extended, for Unaccompanied Tenor Saxophone

         New Sets, Electroacoustic Miniatures

        Free Verse, for Solo Piano*

        Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde, live film score, Festival D”ile de France, co-composed w. Lior Navok**

        Quarter-Tone Miniatures, for piano

2012  Facets-50 Miniatures, for Bb Trumpet and Bb Tenor Saxophone*

         Morpheus, for 14 Players (chamber orchestra)

2011  Piece for Orchestra, for “Lab Orchestra” of the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance

          Der Golem , live film score, silent film by P. Wegener, co-composed w. L. Navok**

           Quintet, for woodwinds*, in memory of Sarah Horenstein

2010  Signs and Wonders, for Baritone Saxophone and Live Electronics, Hebrew University*

         Nosferatu, live film score, silent film by W. Murnau, co-composed w. L.  Navok**

         Andarta (Revised), a sound installation created from rare recordings of survivors WWII*

2009  Golem, for Baritone Saxophone and Electronics

2008  String Quartet No. 1, Commissioned by the Weizmann Institute of Science*

         Rakevet Lyla, for 15 Players, Music On the Edge Festival, Jerusalem

2006  Raw and the Cooked, Bass, Woodwinds and MAX,  w. JC Jones, L. Kessous

         Holes, for two bass clarinets, Lyla Lavan Festival, Tel Aviv*

2005  Spiritus Humanus,  for 12 Players, Festival Layla Lavan, Tel Aviv Art Ensemble

2004  T-ru-ah, for Brass Quintet & percussion, commission, Triton Brass Quintet*

2003  Song of Degrees, A Composition in Four Stages

         Kyria, for Brass Quintet & Percussion, , Gann Academy dedication, Boston*

2002  Z’man Emet (Real Time),Installation in Sound and Space;Schechter Institute*

2001  Facets, for two tenor saxophones, guest artist, Northeastern University*

2000  T’kee-ah,The Amazing Musical Journey of a People, for ensemble, narrator, choir*

          The Staff, music for film, collaboration with David Mamet and company

1999   Tzadik, for small ensemble, a mythic commentary based on A.Neiman’s song

          Webs of Memory, a genealogical installation in sound & sculpture; w. Joel Tauber

1997   Illuminations, for steel drum orchestra and soprano saxophone*

           Rites of Passage for multi-timbre quintet, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Eilat, Israel*

          Bordomino, music for Vertigo Dance Company, Jerusalem

1996    Angels and Ladders, saxophone & live electronics, York University, England*

          The Man Who Stepped Out of His Shoes, ICM Festival, Zuni Ensemble, Hong Kong

1995  Between the Silences, CD,  JICM  recordings, Tarshish Ensemble

          Global ’95, an international artistic  communication event, Electronic Cafe,  MCI

          Journey Tale, chamber ensemble & live electronics,  SUNY, Purchase*

1994  Alta Alta, for chamber ensemble, based on traditional Ladino melodies*

         The Cave, for chamber ensemble and electronics*

1991  Agadot (1991), New York International Festival of the Arts;

for 8 Players and electronics, lighting, sculpture; ancient Jewish sound sources*

1990  Quintet, for woodwinds, commissioned by Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem*

1989  Whirlpools, for string quartet, percussion and winds, Israel Festival;

         Collages, for 12 Players, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Eilat Israel

1988  Saxophone Research, saxophone quintet;  Other Worlds Festival, Milan, Italy*

1987   Before the City, for children’s choir and orchestra, commission:  Jerusalem Foundation*

1986  Light and Motion, for harp solo;  International Harp Congress, Vienna, Austria*

          Andarta (Memorial), a sound installation created from rare recordings of survivors WWII*

1985  Agadot (first version), full work for 8 Players, Israel Festival; Design: I. Hadany

          Collages-1985, recording of the composer’s works, IREC records, Milan

1984   Landscapes, for soloist and sound environment, Bucholt, Germany;  Luxembourg

1983   Abyss, for soloist and sound environment, Tel Hai International Art  Meeting, Israel

1981  Seven Faces of a Garden, environmental event in sound, light, and  movement;

75 performers; designed with Isamu Noguchi*

          Jerusalem During the War, live radio broadcast, Israel Radio; poetry: Shirley Kaufman

*Additional Works available for rental and performance:

Solo for Unaccompanied Guitar; Timepiece, for Solo Bb Tenor Saxophone; Duo for Alto Flute and Vibraphone; Box Structures for Solo Piano; Meditation on a Line, for Eb Baritone Saxophone and Cello; Unaccompanied Solo for Eb Alto Saxophone ; Sh’aalu Sh’lom, for Children’s Choir;

Completed Environmental Works  (site-specific)
  [New works can be designed for specific designated spaces]*

Mishkenot Shaananim Center and Gallery, Jerusalem

Liberty Bell Garden, Jerusalem

Hass Promenade, Jerusalem

David’s Citadel, Jerusalem

Billy Rose Art Garden, Israel Museum

Tel Hai, Israel

Johnson Pit, Middlebury College (USA)

Yad Vashem, Memorial, Jerusalem

Ein Karem, Jerusalem

New Jewish High School, foyer and stairwell, Boston

Music for Choreography and Film

Works by Steve Paxton, David Mamet, Jack Moore, Barbara Roan, Lisa Nelson,

Lisa Kraus, Esty Kenan, Rena Schenfeld, Victoria Green, Linda Tarnay,

Kibbutz Dance Company, Tamar Dance Company, Vertigo (Jerusalem)